Ajmone is a young brand that combines the culture of Italian tailoring & craftsmanship with refined leather processing.
The brand was created in 2015 by fashion designer Stefano Ajmone, who, together with his father Roberto, decided to channel his passion for leather into an entirely MADE IN ITALY world-class artisanal project.
The main goal was to establish a new concept of luxury that would blend together stylish aesthetic features with contemporary design, combining outstandingly fine materials and flawless sartorial art.

All items in the Ajmone collection are cut, sown and treated manually, with painstaking care for the outlining of shapes and using the finest materials and leather/skins from Italy only.
Soles in buffalo, Goodyear welting processing, manual dyeing and waxing: every pair of boots is truly one of a kind, to reflect the uniqueness of the man that chooses to wear them and the purest Ajmone philosophy.