Measponte: fare moda e artigianato "di testa propria"

Craftsmanship and a refined style: these are the two concepts that shape the philosophy at Measponte, a shoe brand from the Marche region. Aesthetics and technique melt together to make comfortable and elegant products. With a brief interview, we find out the origins of this brand, a wonderful “made in Italy” ambassador.

How did Measponte start? Where does your passion for shoewear come from?
MEASPONTE literally means “my will”, but it can mean “my own way”. Our passion for shoes is the result of years of experience, which we can now express by making what we like, without being limited by fashion trends or production needs. In other words, with Measponte we can research and make elaborate handmade products and this constitutes the most fascinating part of our projects. With each collection, we try different solutions to make our shoes softer and more elastic, while using leathers and materials such as rump and chromexcel.

Which was the first pair of shoes you designed?
The first pair which intrigued us was the entirely handmade one we called “infilata”. The inspiration came from ancient humble techniques in use in pre-industrial South America. Our merit was to transfer this elementary and somewhat primitive concept to a shoe which is detailed and that has character.

What’s the greatest satisfaction you’ve had with your brand?
Our greatest achievement has been to succeed while doing things “our own way”, and to involve our customers and shoe-enthusiasts, who love research and who have the same desire as Measponte to make something different and real.

Give us three words that describe Measponte shoes
Authentic, unusual, captivating.

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