Alberto Fasciani: From horseback riding to fashion

The brand Fasciani started 30 years ago and it stemmed from my passion for horses.
I remember when I was still a kid and I bought my first horse: it was love at first sight, but I didn’t know then that I would base my life, my work, on the wonderful, yet arduous world of quitation. I delved into the study of horses and of anything related to them, until I was fascinated by the style and elegance of the riders: that was when I realized I found my path in life. This led me to make my first pair of technical horseback riding boots. Focusing on this type of boot, the ongoing research as well as the experience accumulated over the years, allowed me to create a product with high technical value, which brought innovation, and which revolutionized a historically traditional field, while receiving at the same time the full approval of the field’s experts. Today, my brand is the leader in the equestrian field and this is confirmed by the many Italian and international riders who wear my custom-made boots to meet their personal needs as well as the needs of the various sports disciplines, thus making my boots a proper tool to enhance performance. This is why my technical boots are the most famous riders’ favorite. It’s no coincidence that out of the first 200 world-famous Italian riders, 60% wear my boots.

From this know-how and from the great success of our technical boots, started a professional adventure which lead me to dress the champions once they got off their horses.
The idea to remove the technical elements from the boots, while preserving their unique equestrian look prompted me to make my first pair of fashion boots for women. Following this first step into the fashion world, I designed collections for men and women which became a real success. This was the starting point of my fashion adventure which was a natural, but demanding step. Our attention for the research of the market trends and needs combined with the knowledge and the artisanal experience --we make all of our shoes in the workshop in the Marche region-- resulted into the rewarding success of my Italian company.

Today, Alberto Fasciani is known across the world as synonym for quality and class made in Italy. It is also one of the most sought-after brands in the fashion world, with unanimous approval from the major buyers.
We make everything in Italy because I’m firmly convinced that the high level of creativity and handicraft skills we have in our country should fly the flag of the entire Italian economy and I want my company to set the example. I want the best for my clients and I want to offer them artisanal products which are refined and elegant, with a firm character, but not eccentric. My shoes must taste like a life lived intensely; they must give intimacy to who wears them. The customer must feel the shoe theirs from the first moment as if they wore the shoe their entire life. To be able to instill an emotion with a “simple” shoe. This is the greatest satisfaction for me.

Alberto Fasciani’s shoes are more than accessories: they are refined and tasteful products, in at every season.
They are a precious object and an icon for elegance and luxury.

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