The story of the French footwear brand Sartore starts in the 1930s at Breil-sur-Roya, a town along the route of Colle di Tenda that connects Italy and France, where the homonymous family owns a small shoe shop. A few decades later, Paul Sartore and his wife open their own workshop and call it Sportsouple: the first shoes they make are moccasins with studded white soles, and, as you can see on our store, studs are still to this day a trademark of the brand. The moccasins have huge success and the couple start a full-scale production: Paul is in charge of manufacturing and Marcelle, his wife, runs the workshop. Men’s moccasins of American inspiration are produced to accompany the already existing women’s line. In the 1970s the first sabots are added, while in the 1980s we see a return of the American influence in their shoes, this time from the Wild West, which you can see still to this day in their western ankle boots. Tassinari is happy to introduce the new Sartore collection and its most notable models: ankle boots, cowboy boots, sabots, moccasins, all of which combine the baseline values of the brand with a contemporary feel, meaning they can be worn for quite a few seasons!

Sartore women’s new collection

The new Sartore collection features models that have made the brand’s success. Case in point the fantastic sabots that preserve intact the charm of the brand’s first models, with their artisanal finish, high quality leather and trademark studs that make them recognizable at first glance. The models feature robust wood soles, either with or without an additional rubber sole. The moccasins are another Sartore must-have: in suede, embellished with a knot on the upper and contrasting studs, perfect for a casual look.

Sartore cowboy boots

If we were to pinpoint a style that grabbed Sartore’s attention, it would have to be the Texan one. This is why our store carries western ankle boots and cowboy boots you’ll definitely love if you’re a fan of the American style. Black or coloured, with elastic inserts on the sides and leather soles.

Sartore and the other Tassinari Shoes brands

Sartore’s style is a must for the athletic and dynamic person, but don’t forget our store also carries very elegant models like the ones by Louboutin and Malone Souliers.