The story of Church’s

The story of Church’s is a wonderful story of British genius and family innovation.
It began in 1675 in Northampton, UK, a city renowned for its flourishing leather and footwear industry, when Stone Church, the great grandfather of the more famous Thomas, was born. Thomas Church transformed the family business and exported their production everywhere.
He identified six standard fits for each of the shoe models, and became the world leader in the series production of luxury men shoes. In 1980, Thomas handed the leadership of the business over to his son William, who soon became interested in foreign markets, and sent representatives to the then British Colonies in Europe and in America.

In 1921 the business expanded and Church’s opened the first boutique shop in London where they presented the first “arhcmoulded” shoe for women, a shoe shaped around the arch of the foot.
A few years later, Church’s launched the most famous Shanghai model for men, which was recently dug out of the archives and put forth with great success.

On the cusp of the 00’s, Church’s was bought by the Prada Group and increased the number of boutique shops in Italy.