Laurence Decade: shoes are not just an object, but a tool to freedom

Laurence Decade is a Parisian luxury accessory designer, who worked with the most famous French Maisons. She realized her first line in 2003. She made her dream, which she had since she was 14 years old and fell in love with a pair of red ballerinas with blue stripes and a ribbon, come true.
"For us women, footwear is like jewels. My aim is to make shoes for Cinderella, sexy, and with a French touch".

Laurence Decade’s shoes are made for women who are confident, dynamic, sexy, and absolutely Chic! They are inspired by the cultures of women around the world, and by the stylist’s travels and favorite places.
Laurence Decade is always looking for new ideas, which she finds spotting people in airports and in train stations. In other words, she is inspired by people as they “live their own lives”.

According to Laurence, beauty doesn’t require pain. Her desire is to make beautiful women even more beautiful, glamorous, feminine, and unique.

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