Officine Creative: the art of quality shoes

The Officine Creative Shoe brand was born in Italy, in Montegranaro, almost fifty years ago, by the father of Roberto de Rosa, the current owner of the company.

Since then, it has estabilished itself for the very high quality of the materials used in the production and for the innovation in footwear.

The laboratory has expanded, projecting itself into the future with new design ides, but the production remains the artisanal one, with an obsessive attention to detail and finishing in the processing (with jealously guarded techniques) of fine leathers such as horse, buffalo and antelope.

Officine Creative was born as a men's footwear brand. The women's collection, however, soon added to the brand's offer, today has bypassed man's volumes. Their philosophy is based solely on quality and innovation:

"We always try to bring novelties to the market, such as the natural latex bottom, lactae hevea, manually produced in France, but leather remains fundamental, using aged and handcrafted leathers"