Pantanetti: A family passion

How did the Pantanetti brand start? Where does your passion for shoewear come from? We started in 1975 and our brand carries my mother’s Anna family name. In 2008, we started the current branding and adopted a new logo with the crossed shield and the four nails which are used to lock the shoe upper to the insole. The passion for shoewear for me and my brother Jonatan, comes from the fact that our parents and our uncle had a traditional Marchigian shoe workshop in the basement of a building with apartments above it. We can say we were born with shoes in our hands. In the afternoon, after we did our school homework, we would go to the workshop to play with the lasts, the different tools and creams which were used to make shoes.

Which was the first pair of shoes you designed?
The first pair was a desert boot made with horse rump, which we put in a washing machine to give it a “washed out” effect. We honed that technique to the point that it has become our trademark.

What’s the greatest satisfaction you’ve had with your brand?
Our first great moment of satisfaction was when, after a few years of having launched our new logo with the Pantanetti shield, I saw a woman in Place des Voges in Paris, she was beautiful and very well dressed and she wearing our “Texano” boots with the double zip; the second great moment satisfaction was the opening in 2013 of our showroom in Milan on viale Beatrice d’Este.

Give us three words that describe Pantanetti shoes
Handmade, contemporary, comfortable.

Images courtesy of Pantanetti

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