Rolando Sturlini

In 1967 Rolando Sturlini founded the shoe factory in the heart of the splendid Tuscan countryside.

A true family business right from the start. Anna, Rolando's wife, was the head of the sewing department. decided to specialize in the production of moccasins using a small team of expert craftsmen. Meanwhile, through the quality and authenticity of the products, the world began to know the shoes of the Sturlini family. In the early 1970s the company enjoyed great success thanks to the hand-stitched shoe.

In 1990 Alessio Sturlini, son of Rolando, joined the family and continued, with the same energy and spirit, to create quality footwear. Looking to the future, together with their artisan shoemakers, the Tuscan company's goal is to grow worldwide by exporting a brand synonymous with excellence, originality and style of the Italian shoe.