Sartore: a beautiful professional and family history, now in its third generation. It all began in the 1930’s in a horse riding boots cobbler shop in the countryside of Nice. Then, in 1959 Paul Sartore and his wife decided to expand their business and set up a small company. And so they started to make tailor-made shoes--though they made them in series, they were all hand stitched.

The Sartores grew their production, which from shoes with strings and moccasins, culminated in a complete collection that included women’s horse riding boots.
In the 70’s, with the success of the pre-a-porter, the Sartore brand worked to hone its style and identity, which resulted in the creation of a Must Have for the French woman. It’s here that Sartore began and conceived a new way to wear shoes.

In the 80’s, their daughters joined the family business with the same passion, launching the riding camarguaise boots, which became a status symbol for modern women to wear in their leisure time.
We then get to the 90’s when Sartore shoes began being made in Italy to maintain a high quality in the series production. These are the years when, we at Tassinari, met him and we proposed him in our shop in Bologna, where, to this date, we sell his very popular shoes.

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