Silvano Sassetti: A passion for footwear since birth.

La storia di Silvano Sassetti è frutto di una passione e dell'artigianalità di tutta una famiglia.

The story of Silvano Sassetti is the result of the passion and the craftsmanship of an entire family. It started from a deep yearning, which put down its roots in the Marche region, a territory devoted to the shoe-making tradition since the beginning of time.
In 1977, in the small town of Monte San Pietrangeli, Silvano, together with his brother Fiore, started an artisanal way of working the leather “from the smell of the leather”, which characterized their company, and will distinguish it in the shoe-making field.

Since 1996, Silvano worked with major luxury brands, giving technical and production advice.
The production for third parties was placed side by side with the production for Silvano Sassetti, and in 2001 his children, who firmly believed in the value of their brand and in its perfect balance between trendy and handmade, joined the business.

Andrea’s and Emanuele’s intuition and passion, coupled with their father Silvano’s experience, created a solid company which is appreciated in Italy, and has become a symbol for the Made in Italy and for the unique Italian-style craftsmanship loved around the world.

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