Ulysses: the brushed leather Oxford shoes by Alberto Fasciani

The name of this shoe gives a hint at what inspired it: Greek mythology and the hero known for his long and adventurous travels. Here we link to the idea of journey, of discovery of new worlds, and, ultimately, of returning to one’s roots.
The “Ulysses” Oxford shoes by Alberto Fasciani live up to their name: their classic look reaches new limits and is turned upside-down by a new and contemporary style.

The Oxford shoe with the tied laces is usually considered the most elegant model, perfect for formal occasions. Alberto Fasciani created an Oxford shoe with a neat look, made with hand-tooled brushed leather, but with an original twist, choosing a round shape combined with a bigger sole. The result is a shoe which maintains its characteristic elegance, thanks to the shiny leather and the tip’s finishing, but that has character with a robust outsole and a sturdy shape. “Ulysses” by Fasciani are high quality, comfortable, versatile shoes, perfect to go with a casual look.

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