Astorflex is an Italian brand whose roots can be traced back to the XIX century, when the Taverzoli family, Ferdinando in particular, create the first shoe factory in Castel D’Ario (Motiva), in a district specialized in handmade footwear, especially for the football teams. After World War I, the company “Fratelli Taverzoli” (Taverzoli brothers) begins a more diverse production, using a new method of stitching the upper compared to the past, which they employed up until 1984. Aside from the craftsmanship seen throughout the production ever since the aforementioned episode, another strong point of the Astorflex brand is the choice of natural materials, such as hides, rubber and water-based adhesives, which are also optimal for maintaining environmental sustainability. Lining and soles are made of vegetable-tanned leather, obtained by soaking the leather in water containing a mixture of mimosa and oak bark. This process makes the leather hypoallergenic, ensuring optimal sweat absorption while keeping feet dry, offering the comfort of odourless shoes. The brand’s footwear models range from Chelsea to amphibians to Desert Boots, from ankle boots to boat loafers, perfectly suited for either a casual or smart pairing, depending on one’s mood.

Astorflex footwear

Astorflex footwear reflects the high quality and the values of a family brand that has made high level shoemaking its life mission. The Desert-boots made in suede and non-slip rubber soles display visible tone-on-tone stitching and are perfect for the free time. The amphibians have a robust structure, softened by the use of suede. The leather insoles and rubber soles infuse this model with a touch of style.

Astorflex collections

Our store also carries the classic Astorflex Chelsea boots in suede in various colours with rubber soles, ideal either at work or while on the move. The laced Desert Boots, also in suede, go perfectly with your favourite jeans and a jacket to create a casual laid-back look.

Astorflex and the other Tassinari Shoes brands

If you love a casual style, our store also features the brand Premiata in addition to Astorflex, which offers a variety of luxury sneakers.