golden goose

Golden Goose is an iconic Italian brand operating on the luxury sneakers and accessories market. Made in Italy and born in Venice, the brand represents the best interpretation of a women’s taste for a casual look, but on par with a smart look. The sneakers, the bags, the accessories of the brand are a declaration of style and love for fashion, able to infuse an elegant soul into a casual look. The Italian heart can be admired in the craftsmanship, in the choice of high-quality leathers and in the urban chic design which stems from observing the surrounding world. Tassinari features a variety of models of the iconic Golden Goose sneakers, while also curating an ample choice of bags, belts and other shoe types, such as boots. The Golden Goose woman is surely a luxury enthusiast also when wearing jeans and a shirt because, to her, nothing is left to chance. Her style and her attention in deciding what she will wear are indicative of her lifestyle, always on the move, for which the brand’s shoes and accessories are a perfect complement.

Golden Goose women’s sneakers

Casual chic icons of Italian fashion, Golden Goose sneakers are a must for your casual outfits, but can also be worn with a jacket for a softer elegance. Our store carries the most well-known models, among which the legendary Superstar in white leather, with coloured star and heel counter, the wonderful Ballstar with their 1980s feel, the Francy, super trendy with a basketball shoe height, and the Dad-Star with their athletic look, to be worn either at the gym or while jogging, always guaranteeing high level performance.

Golden Goose women’s accessories

The Golden Goose bags are a must-have for a woman who loves a style that feels personal. The black Tote Bag, in leather, is essential for the day-to-day life: spacious and robust, it’s perfectly suited for work or for the free time while maintaining a touch of elegance.

Golden Goose and the other Tassinari brands

When you purchase the new Golden Goose pieces, take a moment to also look at the iconic models by Chloé or Clergerie, to alternate between elegance and a more casual look.