malone souliers

Malone Souliers is a brand boasting a double soul: born in England, but the footwear is made exclusively in Italy, where it can best make use of our country’s exquisite craftsmanship that can bring to life unexpected shapes and pleasures even through footwear. The fashion label, operating on the luxury market, first appears in 2014, but it is in 2015 that Maureen is first launched, a line characterized by sinuous curves and the detail in the elastic double straps, that propels Malone Souliers into the Olympus of the world’s most appreciated shoemakers. Each shoe of the brand is handmade using only the finest materials and a design that sets the trend for shoes worldwide. The style, the perfect fit, the silhouette of the models, are work together with a careful production geared towards the respect for the environment. Mary Alice Malone, the creative director, boasts a psychology background and a straight-forward approach that give her a better understanding of what her clients truly want, where they’ll be wearing the Malone Souliers shoes and how they’ll feel wearing them. Our store carries the brand’s new collection, with its iconic stilettos, ballerinas and sandals that define a style where luxury and class are imperative.

Malone Souliers elegant footwear

A style like that of Malone Souliers depicts shoes for special occasions, to be worn with a gown or just because you feel like it. We’re talking about models like the ones from the iconic Maureen line, comprised of wonderful high heel sabots made in leather, recognizable by the elastic double straps, a trademark of the brand. The afore mentioned line also boasts marvellous stilettos, to be worn for special occasions and available in a range of colours. Is goes without saying that each piece comes with the handmade and Made in Italy labels.

Malone Souliers sandals

Such an important brand as Malone Souliers knows that a collection, to be complete, has to also include day-to-day footwear, to wear at work or during your free time. To this purpose, we’re happy to introduce the Freya sandals, comfortable, with a 3cm sole, that match outfits ranging from jeans to skirts.

Malone Souliers and the other Tassinari Shoes brands

Malone Souliers offers an ample choice of shoes you may need for any specific occasion, but you can also alternate between the brand’s shoes and a pair of Lanvin sneakers or the Clergerie mule clogs.