Marsèll is an iconic footwear brand founded in 2001 in Italy, embodiment of a new artisanal culture. Marsèll shoes push research forwards, to where limits are constantly overcome to favour a deconstructive counter-culture built on creativity. A sketch can become a shoe or an accessory, depending on what the material whispers. This allows for the creation of timeless pieces that mark off conventional divide by gender and mix different styles to bring to life never-before-seen shoes. Boasting worldwide fame, each piece by the brand is handmade in the Riviera del Brenta workshop, near Venice. The brand created Marsèlleria, a space meant to support young artists, where you can visit multidisciplinary exhibitions under the guidance of Marsèll’s communication strategy. This is a non-profit project aimed at casting the spotlight on freedom of expression, under every point of view. On Tassinari Shoes we arranged for a variety of models from the new Marsèll collection, hard to define, but able to move in a space we could describe as smart-casual, with unexpected models for you to enjoy.

Marsèll ankle boots

A large section of Marsèll shoes is comprised of ankle boots: made in leather and in various colours, with lateral zips and square tips, a 6cm heel completes the look to provide lasting comfort throughout the day. The Ovo model is similar to the previous one, but with a more rounded shoe tip. The tight collar makes this model easy to wear underneath a pair of trousers, as well as with a long or a short skirt.

Marsèll footwear

Among the many Marsèll models in our store there is also the Derby line, low, soft, with a rounder tip; the sabots are created similarly to moccasins but for the posterior side, closer in look to slippers; the iconic square tip moccasins with visible stitching. Whatever your style or outfit may be, you’ll surely find what you need among the brand’s selection.

Marsèll and the other Tassinari Shoes brands

Such distinguished shoes as the ones Marsèll offers can be alternated with Lanvin sneakers or Louboutin stilettos to present your best self in any occasion.